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Summiting Europe’s Second Highest Peak

About the Mountain

Dych-Tau, Europe’s second highest peak, is one of the Caucasian Peaks and faces the Bezingi Wall across from the Bezingi Glacier. It is also the second highest peak of the Caucasus Mountains, after Mount Elbrus. This massive mountain is topped by two identical towers–the lower eastern peak is 16,900 feet high and is separated from the main peak by a steep, narrow saddle. Dych-Tau is incredibly steep on all sides, and is composed mainly of snow and ice. To make climbing even more difficult, windswept rock walls and ridges are interlaced throughout.

Dych-Tau is especially known for the technical skill required to climb the mountain and its frequent avalanches. With no easy path to the summit, this climb is a challenge for an experienced mountain climber.

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Elbrus – Highest peak of the Europe

Elbrus – highest peak of the Europe is a volcanic mountain and the ascent to this mountain starts from the Baksan Valley. If you want to climb it then it will require the use of an ice axe and crampons. You will also need to acclimatize yourself before you ascent. The actual climb usually takes between 6 to 10 hours and the descent probably between 4 to 6 hours. The obstacles are the wind, cold and fog and the best time of year for this climb is summer, between June to September.
Elbrus – highest peak of the Europe attracts many people who will climb the classic route, and this route usually doesn’t have any technical problems, and as long as you are comfortable climbing and have good mountain gear and are in good health, you shouldn’t encounter many problems climbing this mountain.

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