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Kilimanjaro (Kibo Summit) – Highest peak of the Africa

Mt Kilimanjaro rises out of the plain like a giant solitary cake. From below it appears all flat across the top, ready for the candles to be put into the snowy white icing. Appearances can be a little deceptive though, this majestic sight is actually a serious endeavour for those wishing to climb it. Kilimanjaro is but a remnant of it’s former self at 5896m, the top having been blown off in a volcanic explosion some millions of years ago. The ‘flat’ top is actually a crater rim, with three separate peaks. Kibo is the highest point in all of Africa, with Mawenzi and Shira slightly lower. The now dormant crater is snow filled and vast. Originally the mountain is thought to have been higher than Everest.

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