Some Facts About Carstensz Pyramid (Puncak Jaya) – Highest Peak of The Oceania

Cartensz Pyramid, also called Puncak Jaya, is the highest peak of the Oceania. It is the highest summit belonging to Mount Carstensz and Mount Carstensz itself is located in the Sudirman Range of the western central highlands of the Papua Province. The Papua Province is in Indonesia and some of the other notable summits are as follows. They are East Carstensz Peak, Sumantri, and Ngga Pulu. The Carstensz Pyramid, or Puncak Jaya, is roughly 16.024 feet above sea level and it is the highest mountain in all of Indonesia itself. It is also the highest mountain on the island of New Guinea, the highest for Oceania (Which is the Australian continent), and the 5th amid the highest in Southeast Asia. It also possesses the highest island peak in the entire world and comprises the highest point that is in location between the Andes and the Himalayas.

Puncak Jaya got the name of Carstensz Pyramid from Dutch explorer Jan Carstenszoon. Jan Carstenszoon was the very first person who got to personally witness the glaciers of Puncak Jaya back in 1623. His sighting was an event that went not verified by him or anyone else for more than two centuries in length of time. Jan Carstenszoon was made fun of numerous times for saying that he had seen snow not far from the equator. The name of Carstensz Pyramid is something that is used most by and among mountaineers mainly.

The snowfields belonging exclusively to Carstensz Pyramid, or Puncak Jaya were first reached in 1909 by another Dutch explorer. This specific Dutch explorer’s name was Henrik Albert Lorentz and he brought a team of six men with him. The Lorentz National Park is what encompasses the Carstensz Range and it was established back in 1919. The establishment of this park came after the news of the expedition itself was found out by people.
Like all other notable mountains, Carstensz Pyramid, or Puncak Jaya has its own climbing history. The first attempt to climb this mountain range took place in 1936 with the Dutch Carstensz Expedition. The three men not knowing for sure which summit was the highest did attempt to climb them all. The three men were successful in climbing all of the other summits except for the Carstensz Pyramid. This is because bad weather happened and they failed miserably in their attempts. Carstensz Pyramid was not successfully climbed by anyone until 1962. This amazing climb was done by an expedition that was led by Heinrich Harrer who was an Austrian mountaineer and had a team of three other men as part of his expedition.
When Indonesia took control of the province in 1963, the mountain was given a new name, and it was in honor of the first president. It was called Sukarno Peak and Puncak Jaya later on. The word Puncak means mountain or peak and Jaya translates to victory or glorious in description.
In order to get access to enter the Carstensz Pyramid, or Puncak Jaya, one must have a permit that issued from the government. The mountain itself was closed off officially to both climbers, as well as tourists, from 1995 to 2005. Nonetheless, as of 2006, there is entry to the mountains for different adventure tourism agencies as a rule.

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