All About Mount McKinley (Denali) – Highest Peak of The North America

Mount McKinely, or Denali as it called simply, is the highest mountain peak in all of the United States and North America. It is 20,320 feet above sea level officially and measured from base to peak it is the tallest of all mountains that is on land.

Mount McKinley is considered to be the third most important of all mountains and the other two mountains ahead of it are Mount Everest and Aconcagua. Mount McKinely, or Denali, which translates to “The High One” is located within the Alaska Range. The Alaska Range is seated in the confines of the US state of Alaska.
Mount McKinely is one of the main attractions for Denali National Park and Preserve. This national park and preserve contains over six million acres of land that is owned by the United States Federal Government. The habitat of Denali National Park and Preserve is made up of forest land that is located at the lower elevations of the mountain and tundra at the middle elevations. Located up at the highest elevations of Mount McKinley are lots of glaciers, snows, and rock.
Mount McKinely (Denali) – Highest peak of the North America has two individual and distinct summits. These two summits include the South Summit, which is the highest one, and also the North Summit that is 19, 470 feet in the air. North Summit is also counted sometimes as a separate peak altogether and sometimes it it not. The North Summit is one peak that is hardly ever climbed by anyone.
The people who occupied the area around the mountain were called the Koyukon Athabaskan and they were the ones responsible for naming the mountain. The name of Dinale or Denali meant the high one or the great one. Nonetheless, when Russia did have possession of Alaska, the mountain range was originally called Bolshaya Gora. Bolshaya Gora translated to English means great mountain.
Mount McKinley (Denali) has a climbing history that dates back to 1903, when Judge James Wickersham did first attempt to climb the mountain itself. The judge failed at his attempt and the route he took was plagued by lots of avalanches. This mountain was not successfully climbed by anyone until 1963.
Mount McKinley has extremely cold weather and the lowest recorded temperature on record was -100F (-73 C).

Mount McKinley is a very famous place in its own right and it attracts about 1,275 climbers each year. One climbing season back in 2002, did get to see about 1,301 climbers, which was the most at one time. Though it may pose a real challenge to any avid and experienced mountain climber, Denali has been known to be the death of some climbers, and one incident back in 1992 saw 11 climbers die in five different climbing parties. It may be a risk to attempt to climb this icy mountain. However, this doesn’t stop all those, who have their mind made up to get to the top of this highest mountain in the US and all of North America. Mount McKinley, or Denali, is not only white and icy in appearance. It has a cold beauty and majesticness that is distinctly its very own.

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