Elbrus – Highest peak of the Europe

Elbrus – highest peak of the Europe is a volcanic mountain and the ascent to this mountain starts from the Baksan Valley. If you want to climb it then it will require the use of an ice axe and crampons. You will also need to acclimatize yourself before you ascent. The actual climb usually takes between 6 to 10 hours and the descent probably between 4 to 6 hours. The obstacles are the wind, cold and fog and the best time of year for this climb is summer, between June to September.
Elbrus – highest peak of the Europe attracts many people who will climb the classic route, and this route usually doesn’t have any technical problems, and as long as you are comfortable climbing and have good mountain gear and are in good health, you shouldn’t encounter many problems climbing this mountain.

Elbrus has two summits, the one on the west summit is the highest at 5642m, the one on the east summit is 5621m. There is a cable car that starts at 2200m in Azau. The next stop is Mir station, 3500m. From Mir there is a chairlift that takes you to 3750m. When you get off the chairlift you will see ‘the Barrels’ which are old barrels that are hugh and each one of them can sleep 4 people.
You will need some essential items such a warm jacket preferably made from Down or Gore-Tex. Some thermal trousers hat, gloves and balaclava. You will also need some Mountain boots, ice-axe, poles, crampons, harness and some rope. Sun-protection glasses and means of sun-protection for the face, along with a sleeping bag, backpack, lamp and trekking boots.
You will find that the higher altitudes are well glaciated. Elbrus – highest peak of the Europe is a very popular mountain and is a straightforward climb. The only hazards are the high altitude and poor weather that surrounds it. Although this mountain is the highest summit in Europe it is also technically one of the easiest on the continent. It is in the Caucasus Mountains which are the most rugged mountains in the world.
It is a wonderous and beautiful mountain and is an extinct volcano now which has been filled with snow and ice. The main danger on Elbrus – the highest peak of the Europe is the weather, as it has been known to have sudden storms and to get extremely cold. During storms, climbers can become disorientated and wander off route so you have to be very careful. There have also been accounts of frostbite and hypothermia on this mountain every year. Altitude sickness can also be common on this mountain.
The expeditions usually last from anything from nine to twelve days which includes four days of acclimatization. So if you decide to visit Elbrus – highest peak of the Europe, make sure you have all the necessary items that you need to climb this beautiful mountain. I can assure you that it will be something that you will remember for a long time to come.

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