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Mount Logan – North America

The Cache County newspaper reported that a search and rescue team had to rescue a group of hikers near a Mount Logan peak that overlooks Spring Hollow, in June, 2014. The young hikers had apparently decided to slide down a large hillside, when they overshot the hills 15 foot drop off cliff and landed with head, ankle, and face injuries. Mount Logan, North America range is often referred to as Logan Peak. It is a part of the Wasatch Range, called Bear River and it is located in Logan, Utah in the Uninta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest. Mount Logan is the 39th highest peak in Utah, with an elevation of 9,710 feet (2,960 meters). Mount Logan is the easiest mountain to climb for persons of all ages because it is the only Utah mountain in the Bear River Range that has an access road straight up to its summit. The access road was constructed because there is a telecommunications and a weather station located at its peak.

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All About Mount McKinley (Denali) – Highest Peak of The North America

Mount McKinely, or Denali as it called simply, is the highest mountain peak in all of the United States and North America. It is 20,320 feet above sea level officially and measured from base to peak it is the tallest of all mountains that is on land.
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